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2012. Intel PCCG Client Achievement Award (In recognition for ground-breaking UX research demonstrating the value of touch on clamshell).

2011. Intel PCCG Division Recogn. Award (For outstanding work on touch on a clamshell UX Research that is reshaping how Intel is viewing this category).

2011. Intel TechFest Award (For your contribution to a great TechFest 2011).

2011. Intel Spontaneous Recognition Award (For executing a great POP L1 in a very short window).

2011. Intel DHG Award (In recognition of your efforts to create the “REVOLUTION in IPTV DSTB’s).

2011. Intel SSG Division Recognition Award (In recognition for the outstanding contributions to the creation of a highly successful 2010 Context Aware T-SLRP presentation).

2010. Intel DHG Recognition Award (For envisioning and leading a highly successful, first of its kind DHG Demo Fest).

2010. Intel DHG Recognition Award (For delivering the "TV Reinvented" demo for CES 2010. This demo showcases the performance and graphics advantages of the Intel CE Media Processors, and was made possible through your creativity and dedication).

2010. Intel Spontaneous Recognition Award (For demonstrating tremendous leadership and dedication in representing DHG and Intel across the board at CES).

2009. Intel Insight Award (Visionary Consumer Experience Demos - For the creation and development of visionary consumer experience demos that have generated significant industry visibility, customer advancement and Intel technology direction).

2009. Intel DHG Recognition Award (For your outstanding contributions to DHG at IDF2009. Through your efforts, DHG will succeed as the industry leader in driving Internet to TV).

2009. Intel Division Recognition Award (For driving a critical user experience perspective & presence into Intel Developers Forum 2009).

2009. Intel Division Recognition Award (For interfacing, sharing, and enabling customers to bring products based on CE 3100 and Widget Channel to market).

2009. Intel Spontaneous Recognition Award (For driving a highly influential NGUI research and usage initiative that has had broad reach across business units and externally with DHG's Winter CBOA).

2009. Intel Spontaneous Recognition Award (For driving a compelling UX direction for CES, including the development of Intel's own My Media widget, our first internally driven fully prototyped widget).

2009. Intel Division Recognition Award (In recognition of successfully defining, designing, developing and demoing the MyMedia Widget for CES09, Intel's first internally driven widget for the Widget Channel).

2008. Intel’s Division Recognition Award (In recognition of creating and implementing an innovative Consumer Experience Enabling Program that established a structured and meaningful way to solidify customer deal closures and deliver outstanding customer service).

2008. Intel Spontaneous Recognition Award (For your creativity, flexibility and diligence in designing and facilitating widget creation for IDF - Ads, HEMs, My Media).

2008. Intel Spontaneous Recognition Award (For delivering a powerful vision & model for the use of design enabling inside Intel).

2005 RMIT Linkage Grant Award for project "Learning by Design: Creating pedagogical frameworks for knowledge building in the 21st Century" - Prof. Kalantzis, Prof. Yelland and Dr. Cope (Chief Investigators), Dr Burrows and Dr Loi (Senior Research Fellows), Dr Wardlaw and Rachael Dunstan (Research Assistants).

2005 RMIT Discovery Grant Award for project "Pedagogies for eLearning" - Prof. Kalantzis, Prof. Yelland and Dr. Cope (Chief Investigators), Dr Burrows and Dr Loi (Senior Research Fellows), Dr Wardlaw and Rachael Dunstan (Research Assistants).

2002. Best of Conference. Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference, Chapman University, CA USA. (brief article here)

2000. BHERT Award for Outstanding Achievement in Collaboration in Education and Training. Business/Higher Education Round Table (BHERT). Australia.

1994. International Summer School of Industrial Design Award. Politecnico di Milano, Italy.

1989; 1988; & 1987. INPS Award for Undergraduate Excellence. INPS, Italy.



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advisory boards and appointments

2012-present. Chair of the Fetzer Advisory Council for the Engineering Professions.

2011-2012. Co-Editor (guest), CoDesign Journal, Special Issue on Participatory Design.

2011. Juror, Student Challenge @ iXda conference [http://interaction12.ixda.org/student-challenge]

2011. Judge, Challenge: Future [http://www.challengefuture.org]

2011. Program Committee, Participatory Design Conf. PDC 2012 [Roskilde, Denmark]

2011. Program Committee, Designing Interactive Systems – DIS 2012 [Newcastle, UK]

2011. Advisory Council, The Wonder of Learning Exhibit [Portland, OR USA]

2011. Review Panel, Design Research Society DRS 2012 [Chulalongkorn Uni, Thailand].

2011. Advisory Board, Making Visible the Invisible Conference [Uni of Huddersfield, UK].

2011. Editorial Advisory Board, ePedagogy in Online Learning: New Developments in Web Mediated Human Computer Interaction [forthcoming 2012, IGI Global Press].

2011. Scientific Committee, Senses and Sensibility [Lisbon].

2010. Program Co-chair, Participatory Design Conference [UTS, Australia, 2010].

Since 2009. Associate Editor, Artifact Design Journal, Routledge.

2008. ParticipART Co-Chair, PDC08 Participatory Design Conference [Indiana Uni, USA].

2008. Conference Committee, PDC08 Participatory Design Conference [Indiana Uni].

2008. Panel Expert, Subversion, Conversion, Development: Public Interests in Technologies [University of Cambridge UK, 6 April].

2008. Demo expert, Ensemble Computing in and around the home, Research @ Intel [11 June, Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA]. http://www.crn.com/slide-shows/channel-programs/218100747/intels-vision-of-tomorrow-today.htm;jsessionid=LknZesi5bbWWbuTmnk2STQ**.ecappj02?pgno=4

2007-present. Advisory Council, Center for Children’s Learning [Portland Children Museum].

2007. Program Committee, Journal of Computers in Human Behavior [Special Issue: Future Networked Interactive Media Systems and Services for the New-senior Communities]

2006. Organizing Committee, e-Learning Symposium, RMIT, Australia.

2005. Program Committee, ALPIS Alpine Information Systems seminars promoting the Social Study of Information Systems in the Mediterranean region.

2004. Panel Expert, Sharing Sustainability Research Roundtable [UTS, 12 March, Sydney]

reviewer for...

:: PDC - Participatory Design Conference

:: CHI, Research Into Practice Conference

:: DRS - Design Research Society Conference

:: R2P - Research into Practice

:: EPIC - Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference

:: Artifact Journal

:: JCHB - Journal of Computers In Human Behavior

:: Intel Technology Journal

:: IJAandT - International Journal of Arts and Technology)

:: ozCHI (Australasian Computer-Human Interaction Conference)

:: Handbook of the Arts in Qualitative Research

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