[my|your suitcase]

a PhD thesis or...

...a custom-designed and custom-made cardboard suitcase (including 7 smaller suitcases containing over 100 pieces) which is offered to visitors for browsing, interpretation and partial modification.

Each section includes a range of written pieces (in the form of postcards, letters, A5 and A6 sized booklets, French-folded pamphlets, cards, etc.) and artefacts (illustration-objects; trigger-objects; CDs; found objects; game-like elements; sculptural elements; gifts to the visitors/viewers; enabling-items; and ambiguous objects).



this was written on the poster next to the suitcase | questo era scritto sul poster vicino alla valigia

besides, there was a computer to browse the CDs | inoltre, c'era un computer per sfogliare i CD

...a bit more here and here | ...un po' di pi qui e qua


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