[ your|our suitcase ]


This suitcase is not a suitcase.


It’s the possibility for a (collaborative) collection of ‘boundaries’ to be created.


As I said, this suitcase is a possibility and without you, it’ll stay that way. So, I really need you (yes, you that are reading right now) to ‘enter’ this possibility and co-create this collection.


Please participate: this possibility needs you!


Each mini-suitcase embodies a way of conceptualising the notion of boundary: there are personal, geographic, spatial, social, creative and imaginary boundaries.


Each mini-suitcase has a booklet-prompt. Respond to prompts in the way you feel appropriate: feel free to use any material I left on the table. Please place responses in the related mini-suitcases once you are done: you are now a co-author of this collection of boundaries.


...of course, there is also the re-connection box and the postcards...


welcome to [your|our suitcase]