[your|our suitcase]

[my|our suitcase] is an almost-empty custom-designed and custom-made cardboard suitcase - identical in size, look and articulation to the [my|your suitcase] - where visitors/viewers are asked to respond to a number of prompts by making and/or adding material, artefacts, writings, items, observations, and gifts that articulate the conference theme of boundaries.

1. this was written on the poster next to the suitcase | questo era scritto sul poster vicino alla valigia

2. there are 7 mini-suitcases in [my|our suitcase]:  6 boundaries and 1 reconnection box.

3. each boundary had its own booklet | ogni limite ha il suo libretto:

social boundaries | limiti sociali

geographic boundaries | limiti geografici

personal boundaries | limiti personali

imaginary boundaries | limiti immaginari

creative boundaries | limiti creativi

spatial boundaries | limiti spaziali

4. the reconnection box too has its own booklet | anche la scatola di riconnessione ha il suo libretto...

5. it's all about making... creating... imagining.... designing... | ha tutto a che fare con il fare, creare, immaginare, progettare..

6. some of the responses at MART here | alcune delle risposte al MART qua


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