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user experience research & development

2012. Windows 8 First Experience, Intel. Joint Microsoft-Intel UX project focused on Win8 adoption and usage on multiple platforms.

2012. ForcePad UX study. Joint Synaptics-Intel UX project.

2012. Sensors on UltrabooksTM, Intel Corporation. UX exploration focused on sensor-based technology and usages on UltrabooksTM.

2011. Touch on Clamshell. UX study on the value of touch on laptops and notebooks. Press: IntelFreePress here & TheRegister

2011. Cove Point, Intel. UX Vision Lead. Press: Wired

2011. Playful Interactions, Intel Corporation. UX and Design lead for yearlong effort focused on Ultra-Mobile based gaming.

2010. Latency Study, TV Reinvented, Intel Corporation. UX lead for UXA on users’ perceptions around different latencies in TV products.

2010. TV of the Future demo for CES2010, Intel Corporation. UX lead for Intel-Imagination development of OpenGL demo running on Intel SoC based box (CE3100) and featuring a concept of an advanced 3D user interface for TV platform. Video and Publication.

2009. NGUI advanced usages, Intel Corporation. Ideation, project management and user testing of user centered 3D animations demoing future TV-based scenarios featuring voice, touch and gesture input. Related event: Intel Developer Forum 2009, Sept 22-24, San Francisco, CA.

2007-2008. CE/PC segmentation, Intel Corporation. PC and Consumer Electronics segmentation study (US, UK, China, Japan and Brazil). 

2007. HomeCare & Material Homes, Intel Corporation. Ethnographic study on how people keep, protect & find what they value & their attitudes towards ICTs integration (Sweden, Indonesia, China). Related keynote.

2005-2006. Pedagogies for eLearning, Globalism Institute. Australian Research Council Project on digital and multimodal texts (Australia). Related publication.

2001-2003. Creators to Consumers in a Digital Age. Australian Federal Government project on the future of the book.

1999-2000. Urban Telecentres. Australian Research Council research on Teleworking practices (Australia). Related publication.


user centered & participatory design

2009. My Channel, Intel Corporation. Ideation and project management of 3D user interface of personal channel aggregating personal media, contextual advertising, social networking and broadcast content.

2008-2009. Next Gen UIs for Consumer Electronics, Intel Corporation. Exploration of Next Generation User Interfaces (voice, touch and gesture) for Consumer Electronic devices. Related video

2007-2008. Emerging Market Project, Intel Corporation. Design & user testing (Brazil, China, Egypt, India). Publication: oZCHI & Loi, D & Prabhala, S 2010, ‘Emerging Markets: Product and Service Opportunities for Middle and Upper Middle Class’, IEEE Management Science & Information Engineering (ICMSIE), Zhengzhou, China, December 17-19

2007. Participatory tools for Chungwa Telecom, Intel Corporation. Design, development and project management of participatory tools to explore the consumer experience of Chungwa Telecom (Taiwan) products.

2000-2002. Telstra Home Team, Interactive Information Institute, RMIT University. Service opportunities for Telstra Corporation on early childhood dev., health care, digital trading, and internet based services for seniors (Australia). Award here


design advocacy and practice

2010. MAF Reinvented, Intel Corporation. Ideation, project management & testing for three distinct user interfaces for Multi-App Framework on Intel SoC based box (CE4100). Press: CNET Asia, PC Mag, Tech-on!, chipchick

2009. MyMedia 3DUI, Intel Corporation. Ideation, project management & testing (in-home interviews + focus groups) of 3D user interface for a media aggregation TV app.

2008-2009. Sync & Display, Intel Corporation. Exploration of future TV capabilities and usages for connected devices in the home.

2007-2008. Design Enabling, Intel. Plan for design integration into UX projects. Publication: EAD

2007. Set Top Box for future TV/Internet convergence, Intel Corporation. Design of STB for User Experience testing.

2007. Ensemble Computing in & around the home, Intel. Project with CIID, exploring ensemble computing. Ref here

1998-2005. Lavoretti per bimbi: Playful Triggers as keys to foster collaborative practices and workspaces where people play, learn and wonder . PhD thesis on collaborative workspaces & practices. Images here

1994-1996. La Musica delle Cose - Interrelazioni tra la Generazione della Forma e la Generazione del Suono. Thesis on the relationships between form and sounds and impact on design (Italy). Online (Italian only)


project management and strategy  

2011-2012. Vision for 2014-2017. Strategic plan to define vision for 2014-17 platforms.

2009. Next Gen TV demo, Intel. Ideation & project management of demo for VP keynote @ IDF Sept ’09, San Francisco, CA. Related Video and press: ABC; BBC; broadbandTVnews

2009. The Future of TV, Intel Corporation. Ideation & project management of video production on value of Next Gen UIs for the future of TV. Related video.

2008-2009. MyMedia Widget, Intel Corporation. Design, development and project management of media aggregation widget for the Widget Channel. Online resource.

2008. Remote controls: strategic planning, Intel Corporation. Strategic plan to define platform directions for remote controls development.

2007-2008. Usage-driven remote controls, Intel Corporation. Design, Development of usage-driven remote controls for Set Top Boxes.

2007-2008. Media Aggregation UIs, Intel Corporation. UI designs & project management for media aggregation integration into STBs.

2007. Participatory Tools for Youth PC, Intel Corporation. Design, development, and project management of participatory tools to test PC for young teens. Related publication.   

2005-2006. Learning-by-Design, Globalism Institute. Australian Research Council Projects on how teachers design, record & enact curriculum (Australia). Related publication.


working with customers and across organizations

2010-2011. Intel-UPC project, Intel Corporation. Lead for joint research project with key European Cable provider for digital home products.

2010. Intel-Free project, Intel Corporation. Project management and Design Lead of user interface and experience reviewing of FreeBox V6. Video of finished product.

2009-2010. Intel-Google project, Intel. Project management of Intel UXA of Google TV, incl. joint ethnographic studies.

2009. Living Room of the Future, Intel Corporation. Usage development & project management of a joint demo featuring voice, touch and gesture-based TV interfaces.

2009. Intel-Cisco project, Intel Corporation. Project management of joint usage direction development.

2008-2009. Joint Intel-Philips project, Intel. Project management of joint project on home products, including testing of advanced input devices.

2008. Intel-Samsung Project, Intel. Exploration of emerging consumer-driven usages, services and business opportunities for future home CEs.

2000-2002. Telstra Home Team, Interactive Information Institute, RMIT University. Range of projects on service opportunities for Telstra Corporation (early childhood development, health care, digital trading, and internet services for seniors). Award: Business/Higher Education Round Table Award (BHERT) for Outstanding Achievement in Collaboration in Education and Training, 2000.


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