t h i n g s t o d o

Being alone.


Eating gelato.

Finding beauty any time and any place I can.

Finding special things in op-shops.

Buying and giving presents.

Going out with friends.

Hugging who I love.

Listening to music while I cook or eat.

Listening to my niece’s voice through the phone.

Loosing myself in a city then, when I am tired of walking, finding out on the map where I am and go back.

Making things.

Re-reading books I like.

Smelling books.

Smiling with my eyes.

Taking pictures of everyday things in the street.

Touching human skin, petals, wood and other materials.


Walking bare feet on tiles, sand, stone, grass.

Walking through water sprinklers in summer.

Watching old movies.

Trying strange hats in department stores.

Wondering around a store that sells materials/machines/tools.


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